KANSAS CITY - NOV 13th, 15th & 16th


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"Ready to start changing the world this morning because of Compute Midwest" ~ Scott H.

Imagine The Future

Get inspired on November 13th at the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts: learn about what's next in technology - straight from tech leaders, startup founders & visionaries.

Hear the stories of innovators who are building companies that change our life, our work & our business.

Connect with 500+ forward thinking tech minds, exchange/build new ideas & gather takeaways that can move your career/company forward!

Ready to travel to the future? Reserve your spot today, seats are limited!

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Compute Midwest is a production of Kansas City IT Professionals (KCITP), a tech community of over 12,000+.

Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder of Reddit, Speaking At Compute Midwest 2013


Rodney Brooks
As a pioneer in Robotics, Rodney is the founder of Rethink Robotics and co-founder of iRobot (makers of the Roomba vacuum).

Rodney was previoiusly on the faculty of MIT as the Panasonic Professor of Robotics, and was the director of MIT CSAIL, the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
Peter Weijmarshausen
Peter Weijmarshausen is Co-Founder and CEO of Shapeways, the leading marketplace and community for 3D printing.

Printing more than 2 million products to-date (with 100K new products added monthly), he's made 3D printing accessible to all, empowering anyone to be a designer and turn an idea into a physical reality. He's also collaborated with fashion powerhouses Neiman Marcus and Victoria's Secret on 3D Printed clothing.
Rob High
Rob High is IBM Fellow, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Watson Solutions, IBM Software Group.

As a key member of the Watson Solutions Leadership team, Rob works collaboratively with the Watson engineering, research, and development teams across IBM to drive cognitive solutions to help clients resolve their more important problems.
Peter Platzer
Peter Platzer, CEO of NanoSatisfi, is a high-energy physicist who passionately believes that everyone should have access to space exploration. Originally from Austria, he trained at CERN, the Max Planck Institute and attended Harvard Business School.

He graduated from the master's program at the International Space University, interned at NASA Ames' Space Portal and started NanoSatisfi in 2012 to make space exploration available to everyone. Platzer also continues to serve as a career coach at Harvard Business School.

More speakers coming soon...stay tuned

"I've never left a conference so motivated and hopeful about the future..."

~ Michael L.

Create The Future

Are you ready to create something epic for a chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes? Join us November 15th-16th for a 24 hour app-building competition for professional designers/developers and CS Students (undergraduate/graduate)!

Aside from the incredible energy that just can’t be described, it’s a fantastic way to learn & grow!

Are you frustrated with a world of endless process and other barriers to innovation? You'll find your freedom at our hackathon!

Join hundreds of undergrads, professional developers & designers that are just as passionate about building things on November 15th-16th!

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Hackathon Prizes

Thousands of dollars in prizes coming soon...keep checking back :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a A Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a fast paced event where teams of developers design and build a software project within 24 hours.

Who Can Attend?

Professional developers & Computer Science students are welcome!

Why would I want to go to a Hackathon?

Because you want to: Hone your skills, connect with local developers that are passionate about building good software, learn about tools and new dev patterns, demonstrate your skills...and have a chance at wining cool prizes!

But I don't have any ideas!

…EVERYONE has ideas!

What you might really be saying is that you don't have any GOOD ideas. Just remember that a single good idea rarely presents itself without the generation of a hundred or thousand other bad ones. Look at many of the innovators through history as a testament. Sometimes an idea might take on new life when presented to other developers, who can improve upon it. But you never know until you try. You could always just be on a team with someone who you think has good ideas and help them build it. You'll be able to meet those kind of people at this event!

Am I only allowed to use the APIs you list?

No. You can use any APIs you want to build your apps, but if you want to compete for some of the listed prizes - you'll need to use one of those listed APIs. NOTE: We'll have separate prizes awarded for apps that aren't tied to a particular API, and will announce this soon.

Do I have to pre-organize a team?

No. We can try to help you find one at the event.

Hack?? I'm a developer, not a security guy!!

Relax. In the programming world, hacker means:

"A person who enjoys exploring the details of programmable systems and stretching their capabilities, as opposed to most users, who prefer to learn only the minimum necessary.


Programming Language

Applications may be built in any code that you please.

Fresh Code

No production assets of any kind can be created until the start of the official competition period illustrated above. This includes "ready to slice" graphic design assets, application code, and user stories / test cases. Some individuals have asked about frameworks and libraries - yes these ARE allowed, but 3rd party only. When in doubt: Plan, don't create.


Your teams should be comprised of between one and five individuals. No more than five people are allowed on a team. You can pre-organize a team or we can try to help you find one at the event.

24 Hours

Your team has exactly 24 hours to develop a mobile or web based application. After the initial 24 hours are up, you’ll be judged on what you’ve completed. No additional features or bugfixes are allowed during this period, or you will be disqualified.

Source Control

We’ll provide your team with a private Git repository, so we can ensure your code is fresh. As you develop your application, push progress to the assigned repository regularly (“commit early, commit often”) in order to demonstrate progress. Compute Midwest organizers will be observing checkins throughout the event. Don’t be tricky and try to develop your app in its entirety ahead of time, rebasing it and pushing it in at the last minute. Doing so could will get you disqualified. Before the contest ends, you must mark your entry as complete on your assigned Git profile and tag a release of your code with the word ‘ComputeMidwest’.

Ownership and Open Source

We’re just running a competition here… what you do with your source once the competition is over is up to you. We encourage participants to open source the codebase of their applications for the benefit of the community. However, if you choose not to open source your application, well that’s up to you. Please note that the competition organizers will have access to your code base throughout the competition, in order to make sure that no cheating occurs (as outlined previously). We won’t steal anything from you, promise! However, we do reserve the right to use your application’s likeness as a promotion for this or future contest.


All judging will occur from the perspective of ‘joe average web jockey’. That is, code quality will not be judged. We believe code quality to be a highly subjective affair, and thorough reviews are extremely time-intensive and not in the best interests of this competition. Your application will be judged based on it’s visible merits, such as:

  • completeness
  • user interface
  • originality
  • usefulness

Each judge (both expert panel members as well as peer judges) will be able to rate each application on a scale of one to five (1-5) on these criteria and comment on recommendations / possible enhancements, errors, and other issues that they experienced. Other judges will be able to review these comments. We strongly encourage contestants to use development best practices but in the end judges are expected to rate applications based on their visible merits. Compute Midwest organizers reserve the right to disqualify any team that is believed to be cheating or not competing in the spirit of the competition.

"Definitely the best tech lineup ever assembled in KC..."

~ Eric B.


Compute Midwest Midwest and other KCITP events are made possible by the support of our forward thinking sponsors.

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Multi Service provides net pay commercial billing services and payment solutions within closed loop merchant networks

"Compute Midwest speakers have knocked it out of the park. Smart, funny, challenging."

- Kyle R.


Official conference mobile app coming soon!

Conference: Nov 13th

The Kauffman Center For Performing Arts

8:00am - Registration & Breakfast (Provided)
9:00am - Kickoff
9:10am - Rodney Brooks, Founder of Rethink Robotics & Co-Founder of iRobot
9:55am - Peter Platzer, Founder of Nanosatisfi
10:40am - Rob High - CTO, IBM Watson & IBM Fellow
11:15am - Break #1
11:40am - Peter Weijmarshausen - CEO & Founder of Shapeways
12:05pm - Speaker TBA
12:35pm - Lunch (Provided)
1:40pm - Speaker TBA
2:15pm - Speaker TBA
3:00pm - Speaker TBA
3:30pm - Break #2
3:50pm - Tech Panel Discussion: The Future Of Technology
4:30pm - Event Closing

More details coming soon: schedule subject to change

Hackathon: November 15th-16th

Saturday, November 15th
10:00am - Registration & Kickoff
12:00pm - Lunch
5:30pm - Dinner

Sunday, November 16th
10:00am - Hackathon ends & demos begin!
12:00pm - Awards

"..speakers so great, you'll question your value as a human being"

- Ben K.


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