29 Kansas City Startups You Should Know About

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Blooom is an online tool that assesses a consumer’s 401(k) in about five minutes from start to finish - and provides ongoing professional management for a small monthly fee, based on the amount you've invested. Blooom is a Registered Investment Advisory firm co-founded by financial advisors with decades of experience working with high net worth clients


C2FO is a financial technology company and the creator of the first market for working capital. C2FO operates the C2FO working capital market for companies of all sizes around the world. C2FO allows companies to "Name your rate" to improve cash flow and to increase profit.

In the past six years, C2FO has generated more than $57 billion in working capital flows volume and over 220 million days of accelerated payment.

Farmlink a data science and technology company with a passion for helping farmers. Our focus is to drive increased adoption of high-quality data and precision agriculture tools to improve productivity, profitability and sustainability of farm operations around the world.

In 2014, Farmlink launched the industry’s most sophisticated, independent yield benchmarking tool, TrueHarvest. Today, they're using actionable data to make modern farming more successful, and we continue to pursue opportunities for advanced analytics and modern technology to accelerate the pace of innovation in agriculture and the entire food system.


Stackify provides the ultimate combination of tools for .NET & Java developers to monitor and troubleshoot their applications. The company combines application performance monitoring (APM) with server monitoring, app metrics, advanced error tracking, and log management in a single, easy to use platform for developers.


Farmobile is the "farm data company". Founded in 2013, Farmobile set out to re-imagine how farmers collect, protect, and connect with their data.

Farmobile listens to farmers and delivers an approach to Ag data that farmers love.

Their approach makes it simple for farmers to connect, collect, and protect their data, their way, no matter where it comes from.


You can’t improve what you don’t measure, which is why Davyeon Ross and Bruce Ianni developed ShotTracker.

The brand aims to improve the performance of competitive athletes of all ages who participate in team sports. By developing innovative technology, ShotTracker motivates players to work harder, track performance, and generate data that positively impacts an athlete’s game.

Fishtech Labs

Fishtech Labs is a technology accelerator focused on finding and creating client solutions that deliver operational efficiencies and improved security posture.

They are immersed in the changing security and emerging technology landscape specific to Cloud, IoT, SDN, and Virtualization. Fishtech Labs helps identify gaps and appropriate solutions for their clients’ maximum advantage.


TeraCrunch provides Predictive Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Solutions in operations & marketing domain. Their solutions are powered by Socratez, a framework of machine learning algorithms, cutting edge techniques & processes that extract, integrate, correlate data, find trends & patterns to report certain insights from large structured & unstructured data.


EyeVerify, is a biometric security technology company based in Kansas City, Missouri. Its chief product, Eyeprint ID, provides verification using eye veins and other micro-features in and around the eye. Images of the human eye are used to authenticate mobile device users. EyeVerify licenses its software for use in mobile banking applications, such as those offered by Tangerine Bank, NCR/Digital Insight and Wells Fargo.


SpiderOak is a US based collaboration tool, online backup and file hosting service that allows users to access, synchronize and share data using a cloud-based server. SpiderOak is accessible through an app for Windows, Mac and Linux computer platforms, and Android, N900 Maemo and iOS mobile platforms. The software uses encrypted cloud storage and client-side encryption key creation, so SpiderOak employees cannot access users' information.


FitBark monitors your dog’s everyday activity and turns it into BarkPoints, so you can track progress.

It’s a new way to understand your dog’s health, explain changes in behavior, make better decisions with your vet, and share memorable moments with friends & family. FitBark is all about your dog, from head to tail.


RFP365 is reinventing the RFP process. Designed with the entire process in mind, RFP365 benefits both RFP issuers and responders.

Forget about emailing Word documents, merging changes, and searching through your past proposals. Work from a single version, search your past responses in a click, assign and track tasks to team members.

The RFP process has been stagnant for too many years. Get out of email and spreadsheets, and get into the intelligent RFP software.


Niall is a luxury brand that brings quality and artisanship together into thoughtful, iconic designs.

Niall exists to honor the spirit of innovation that represents the best of our culture. The timeless qualities of greatness drive our investments in American manufacturing and our collaborations in Swiss horology to bring our customers the very best – wearable reminders of what it means to be ‘all in.’


FEWDM Fitness designs and develops omni-directional fitness products that are integrated with interactive technology.

Their two products are ROCK 360 and OmniBall. Each product is designed to provide a specific fitness benefit to the customer. ROCK 360 is designed to develop abdominal strength and OmniBall can be utilized for total body training. Since October of 2015, they've sold over 600k in product.


Zaarly is an online marketplace connecting homeowners with high-quality, vetted local home service providers in San Francisco, Denver and Kansas City.

Zaarly’s home service focus areas include housecleaning, lawn care and handyman services. Established in 2011, Zaarly was created to help bring communities of homeowners and service providers closer together. Every transaction with a Zaarly service provider is backed by a $10,000 happiness guarantee.


SquareOffs is the world’s first voting platform that values reader opinions, by allowing them to explain why they voted. Readers can make their voice heard, invite others to join the debate, quickly find relevant comments, and prove that they are right.

Publishers can quickly and easily host a debate right on their site. This keeps the audience on site longer, brings new readers, provides valuable opinion data, and allows for highly targeted advertising.


LendingStandard specializes in helping midmarket commercial lenders improve their efficiency, accuracy and customer experience. They provide a collaborative platform to drastically improve a lenders ability to aquire, process and fund a complex commercial loan transaction.

The company creates an open, but secure online environment where organizations can request, receive, edit and collaborate on all the information and documentation required to finance a commercial transaction.


Brightergy drives a movement to reimagine energy. They pair an energy intelligence platform with projects and services that together empower you to take control of your energy.

Their all-in-one software platform helps clients uncover insights that lead to energy strategies built on data—and projects and services that ultimately save money and emissions.


ClaimKit was started in 2011 by two claim attorneys, Chris and Doug, who were tired of messy claim files and bad software. They brought together a diverse group of technology professionals to develop better solutions for the underserved claim industry.

ClaimKit is an industry-leading data collection and review guru for the surety, insurance and legal industries. Honored by the KC Chamber of Commerce as 2015 Entreprenuer of the Year and recipient of a 2014 Pipeline Fellowship, ClaimKit released ClaimKit v2 in 2015 and began building its new Riskgenius product.


Infegy creates cloud-based social media intelligence platform, which uses natural language processing technology and a software-as-a-service model to provide real-time insights on any given topic discussed by the more than 300+ million sources they collect content from.

Their ultimate goal is to do the heavy lifting with large text-based datasets to help organizations uncover value within text and make more informed business decisions.


PayIt simplifies doing business with state, local and federal government through it's patent-pending mobile transaction and payment platform.

Along with their government partners, they are transforming the customer experience and making government more modern, convenient and mobile.


Opendorse connects marketers with athletes to build endorsement campaigns. They pride themselves on providing the fastest, easiest, and most transparent way to work with athletes.

Marketers have the ability to find, pitch, negotiate, and activate athlete endorsements faster and easier than ever before. Their software allows marketers, agents, and athletes to manage their endorsement campaigns with ease.


VideoFizz is an app that allows multiple people to participate in a collaborative video for the use of a variety of celebrations including: baby announcements, birthdays, holiday greetings and even “missing you” messages for soldiers serving abroad.

Big Machine Parts

BigMachineParts.com is a direct-to-user online heavy duty parts company, built to efficiently deliver the right part, right now at the lowest possible cost and with a fanatic commitment to providing the world's greatest customer service.

Divvy HQ

DivvyHQ is a cloud-based, content planning, workflow, and collaboration tool built to help marketers and content producers get/stay organized and successfully execute demanding, complicated and content-centric marketing initiatives.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a tool that lets you quickly see who is on your site and interact with them in many ways. With Lucky Orange, you can chat with visitors on your site, actually watch their mouse move around the screen and click in real time, play them back as recording, generate beautiful heat maps of clicks, mouse movements (eye tracking), and scroll depth, create quick insightful polls, and more.


Instin crafts software for the education industry. Their first product was myHomework, the leading multi-platform student planner available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and the Web.

The company's second product is Teachers.io a place for teachers to connect, organize their classes, and share assignments and lessons to students that can be accessed by myHomework.


Swappa is an online marketplace for buying and selling newish smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Only fully functional, ready to activate devices are allowed (no phones with bad ESNs, water damage or cracked screens). Creating a listing to sell is free.

Simply select the device being sold and describe what's for sale, including the device's condition and included accessories. For buyers, there are no auctions and no confusion. A listing's price includes shipping costs and other fees. Swappa provides a streamlined experience for buying and selling gently used, fully functional cellphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

EON Sports VR

EON Sports VR Advances in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are reshaping the way we learn and interact with our world.

Workers with access to real-time contextual information, displayed when and where they need it will reshape the workplace and dramatically improve the efficiency, productivity, and safety of the average worker.

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