Bioprinting Pioneer Joins World Class Lineup At Compute Midwest

Editor's note: Find out more about the 3D Printer for living cells , an idea that could change the future of humanity at Compute Midwest happening Nov 2nd in Kansas City.

Imagine a world where you could 'print' a new heart or lungs.... eliminating the need for an organ transplant.

That future might be possible sooner than you think thanks to Biobots, a company that makes a 3D Bioprinter which can print living cells like skin, bones & organs.

The 'Makerbot' of Biology

BioBots Version 1.0 printing with a cartilage-like material that supports cell growth.

Referred to as the "Makerbot of Biology", BioBots 'creates 3D bioprinters and bioinks that are unleashing the biological revolution'.

“I think we’re at the beginning of a new Golden Age – not just for medicine – but for all of biology in general." ~ Danny Cabrera, Biobots CEO

This desktop-sized bioprinter allows companies, universities and/or researchers an opportunity to create 3D living tissues.

What could that help us do?

  • Make it easier to colonize other planets (Mars)
  • Reduce barriers to drug discovery
  • Create new organs w/o need for a matching donor

The company has even made a living 3D model of Vincent Van Gogh’s ear! 😮

image credit: biobots

Compute Midwest is pleased to announce that we'll bring this revolutionary idea to Kansas City on November 2nd.

Danny Cabrera Joins Compute Midwest Lineup


Danny Cabrera is founder & CEO of Biobots, a company empowering people to 'build with life'.

Biobots is helping design and engineer biology to cure disease, eliminate the organ waiting list and live on other planets.

The company's first product is a 3D bioprinter called BioBot 1 - and it can print living tissues out of human cells.

Danny is committed to bringing effective, easy to use bio-manufacturing tools to every lab bench in the world.

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